Live performances at The Park at Sentul West

The Jumping Jellybeans thrilling children and adults alike with their lively performance.

Kuala Lumpur, 16 April?2005

The Park at Sentul West treated 350 special guests with a thrilling evening of live performances, welcoming into its gardens the raucous sounds of Hands Percussion and The Jumping Jellybeans. Orchestrating a truly one-of-a-kind outdoor performance, they flawlessly combined the artistic elements of dance, music and theatre as well as the elements of nature that exist at the park.

The park’s usually tranquil atmosphere became one filled with laughter and music as the homeowners of Sentul West and Sentul East previewed some of the activities they could look forward to when they moved into their new homes.

Flanked by the rapidly rising Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre on one side and rolling green fields of the park on the other, Hands Percussion staged an unusual, energetic drums performance with a special interactive twist to its finale when guests got to try their hand at playing the drums themselves. A lively theatre performance by children’s theatre act The Jumping Jellybeans followed, thrilling every child present with their unique rendition of classic fairy tales.

The procession of eager guests following Hands Percussion for the next part of thier performance.

Just one of many that are planned at this sprawling 35-acre private-gated oasis, this open-air affair is meant to showcase how this rare city green lung will offer a new inspired way of living. Drawing inspiration from other famous parks like Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York, The Park at Sentul West, the first of its kind in Malaysia, is set to establish the park living lifestyle by providing endless hours of relaxation and recreation for the community.

Speaking about the event, Dato’ Yeoh Seok Kian, Deputy Managing Director of YTL Corporation Berhad said, “What we are trying to do with these events is re-introduce the concept of community style living, which translates into a safe, secure and conducive environments for people to live, learn and play.

“The Park at Sentul West will create this opportunity, complimenting homes with whole new lifestyles.”

Apart from the performances, guests also got a chance to warm-up with activities like football and frisbees, and some very eager children even managed to learn how to fly a kite.

Based on the concept “Your Park, Your Home”, The Park at Sentul West is visualised as an extension of each condominium dwelling that borders this sprawling 35-acre oasis. The park is exclusive for Sentul West occupants and is set to enhance their home or recreational experience through five themed areas – South Gardens, West Fields, Central Lake, East Fields and Festival Plaza.

When Hands Percussion taught guests how to play the drums too, this father and daughter pair stole the show.

Catering to people of all ages, some of the activities organised at The Park at Sentul West included smaller outdoor areas for passive recreation like a children’s petting farm, movies and outdoor concerts, as well as open fields for football, exercising, boating and even camping.

The Park at Sentul West, which is currently halfway to completion, is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2005 and will cater to an estimated 4,000 homes, housing approximately 20,000 people. In addition, the park community at Sentul has the potential of expanding to 50,000 people once it becomes accessible to the wider development of Sentul West and Sentul East.

Designed to revitalise and regenerate this historical part of KL, Sentul was conceptualised in two distinct areas; Sentul West and Sentul East, each characterised by its own unique personality. Sentul West is a haven of greenery, housing exclusive residences, offices and shops bordering on a 35-acre private gated park. Sentul East was developed in the context of Jalan Sentul, seen as a combustion of vibrant Malaysian flavours that sets the tone for modern downtown living while retaining the colourful heritage of Sentul.

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